Sticking With It – The Ultimate Meditation Technique

A couple of friends of mine had studied with the famous spiritual healer John of God in Brazil. After living in Brazil for about two months it was time to head back to the United States. Being astute metaphysicians they decided to manifest first class seat tickets home. They did their manifesting work and got into a taxi to the airport.

Whether healing practitioner, praise in song, or taking a walk in nature, nearly every belief system has a form of worship. There is something deeply spiritual to feel a deeper connection with the Divine. I was walking with my husband’s step-mother recently, who is Norse Pagan. She was explaining to me a bit about her beliefs and she told me that even the act of being outside was worship. Planting flowers was worship. Pruning and caring for her prized jasmine plants was worship. She said that simply connecting was enough. I thought that was vastly beautiful, and found much of myself as a Christian in that description. I have found myself singing internal praises at a beautiful sunset and the feeling of connection to God is what my soul needed.

I accept that there isn’t anything I can do to change it. We’re all going to die eventually, so I just try not to think about it until I am forced to.

You can use healing practitioner in your relationship to give your beloved support, comfort and spiritual nurturing. Next time you are together consciously and slowly touch your lover’s face, hands and body slowly and gently, while feeling your love and appreciation of them. Feel and see warm pink heart energy flowing from your heart to theirs in a circuit.

Most people are not good communicators on paper. They either go on and on and on with endless dribble OR they give us far too little information to help reiki stress relief us make a decision.

I lived on the ninth floor of a building and a bomb was set off there because a man who worked with the government lived there with his wife and daughters. I witnessed many horrific things. I did finish my studies, later doing some post graduate studies in Italy in economic development, and started working, but I was affected by all of this violence and open to finding some spiritual sources, some wisdom. I started with Western philosophy and I had a grandmother who liked Borges very much. As you know, Borges was interested in Buddhism. I wanted to read and know, but it wasn’t until I left Argentina that I started to study and practice Buddhism.

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