Preventing Baby Crib Injury

The choice of baby crib mattress is at least as important as the selection of the right baby crib. When researching crib mattresses, there are a few important things to look at to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe in the crib.

The homemade wooden cage was placed at the corner of a bedroom in a mobile home. It had two latches and a Natural latex mattress UK, the Denver Post reports.

It is also interesting to note that latex is resistant to all sorts of mattress horrors such as bacteria, dust mites, molds and mildews. With these not present, you are providing a very safe haven for your baby.

Visco elastic memory foam is not a good choice for babies because it is not breathable. The mattress can get too cold during the winter. Your baby needs something that has open cell structure inside so air can effectively seep and flow in. This way, temperature is significantly regulated.

When picking a crib, take a good look at the head and foot boards. When you like one as which may have cut outs, be sure they are smaller sized compared to baby’s head, this makes sure that a baby’s head is not going to get caught in them. In addition the slats on a crib should not be more than 2.38 inches a part. This ensures a baby will not get his head caught in between them.

Also search for natural mattress which have a powerful surface, waterproof and simple to clean. Heading green and organic will be the greatest feasible options within the long run.

Determine whether it contains a lot of chemicals. Conventional mattresses often have a smell of “newness” to them when you remove the packaging. This “new” smell is actually chemicals being released into the air. Parents are naturally concerned about these harmful substances, many of which are known to be carcinogenic and bad for your baby’s health and development. Thus, you should pick a mattress with as few harmful chemicals as possible.

By starting the search early on in the pregnancy, one is able to take advantage of great offers. Some online stores will offer free shipping, which will allow one to maximize on savings. Some parents may prefer to purchase in person, so that they are able to test the organic crib mattress. Since no specific agency certifies products as organic, manufacturers have it done independently. One should look out for the words 100% organic.

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