Poker Odds – A Beginners Guide

The best hand does not always win the pot. Often the player that acts as if they have the best hand is the one who rakes in the chips. When playing short-handed, the chances increase that no one has a good hand. Normally, to get a bluff to work, you need to fire more than one bet at the pot, establishing that you have a strong hand. If you raise pre-flop and miss on the flop, the other players do not know it. It is possible to fool them with a bluff here, since they are likely to assume you have a high pair or hit the straight or flush draw. If you are in a late position and everyone checked to you, it is smart to bet strong.

So then, what is the answer? The answer is simple, but the application can be hard. Simply stay out of coin flip hands unless you have a compelling reason to be in one. There are really only 2 compelling reasons to be in one: you are short stacked or you are big stacked. That’s it. Otherwise, if you are a decent Hold’em player, you will find better places to get your money in than one where you are a 54% favorite.

The next day, Joy called to report how much better the living room felt. She also told me that her roommate, Pat, who was unaware of what had transpired, noticed the difference too. Pat said, “When I woke up during the night and put the light on in the living room, it seemed unusually bright.” I was pleased to hear the confirmation that what had happened spontaneously from my home had really made a difference in their house.

Leave the monotone voice at home: Vary your voice, don’t keep to one speed. Vary the speed and rhythm, it’s almost like riding a roller coaster. One minute you’re fast, then slow, then climbing. Keep it varied and you’ll keep your audience’s attention. As for using “um” and “eh” well, you know that’s a no-no, no sense in taking up space here to remind you that you should avoid those place fillers at all costs. If you need some practice getting those out of your vernacular, try attending a Toastmasters group in your local area.

Nine eight, ten eight, Queen nine, Jack eight, King nine, Queen eight, ace nine, ace eight, ace seven, ace six, six six, five five. It is very important to remember that these are suited cards or pairs to be playable In these positions. Why? Pairs can be very strong, depending on your position on the Poker table and suited cards are very important in determining your starting poker hand. Suited cards are far more playable, as connecting pairs and the flush and straight possibilities with these hands put the odds in your favour as far as playable hands are concerned. This is where pot odds come into to the game of Poker Online, and that is the subject of another article.

Escape to an island – no phones, no emails, no work, no noise, no distractions, just the two of you. Nurture your body, mind and spirit and savor each other’s company.

You have probably guessed by now that the child in the story was me and I am certain that if I had not had massive support back then I would not be writing for you right now. The support I received back then galvanized me so much so that it transformed my life. Within just six months I was up to 14th in the class and within three years I had made it to 4th. I won a grammar school scholarship and ended up finishing 1st there, three years running.

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