Pikmin 3′ Eshop Download Size Details

As of March 8, Best Buy now has an online deal that if you buy a new Wii U console, you’ll receive a free $20 gift card that is shipped separately from the original order. Could this be a strategy by Best Buy to sell more Wii U systems? Anything is possible.

Before I re-read the article and noted that they specified OoT songs, I thought he meant the tunes from those parts of A Link to the Past, which themselves were all pretty awesome.

A few years later a sequel game out for the Nintendo DS, and now the Nintendo 3DS is getting it’s own “Mario Vs. Donkey Kong” game. Announced this morning during the Nintendo Direct conference, “Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move” is a return to form for the series.

Nintendo says that for any 3DS owner who connects online to the magento eshop at least once before August 12 will automatically be registered into its Ambassador program which will give owners a couple of perks.

Simply put, some controllers are a better fit for some games than others. That’s why fight pads and arcade-style joysticks are so popular among the hardcore fighting game community. If you have a wide variety of options, it’s best to use them, rather than try to have everyone conform to a single design.

That last part reminds me a bit of what little I know of Final Fantasy VIII. And I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, one way or the other. But now I have a sudden urge to rewatch some Saved by the Bell episodes…

That’s it for Straight Shooting this week. I’ll be back here Monday, though you can still catch up on what is happening as it relates to other game platforms and more fun stuff on Twitter @PoisonMushroomO, or check out the digest version on PoisonMushroom.Org!

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