Learn To Make Your Own Kombucha With Urban Kitchen Sf

Many people have poor gut health. Some go through their daily routine with out even realizing that they have a leaky gut. A leaky gut is a situation that can happen to anyone, but there are certain health benefits you can do to make a difference in your health.

It contains the probiotics Lactocillus bacterium and S. Boulardii. And it also contains antioxidants and organic acids – EGCG 100mg, glucuronic acid 10mg, lactic acid 25mg, and acetic acid 30mg.

The obvious – drink LOTS of water. Pee is one of the primary ways of clearing toxins from the body and if you don’t drink and therefore pee enough, your body will still try to get rid of it, albeit, less effectively, through other means… (including your skin)! The average person needs about 2 litres or 8 x 250ml glasses of water a day. If you are above average height or weight, or already dehydrated, you will need more and if you work out, you’ll need even more again.

Most of us know about soaking beans for increased digestibility, but adding 2-4 tablespoons of kefir, kefir whey or water kefir boosts the fermenting power and can bring the flatulence factor way down, a benefit probably welcomed by all involved. Soaking beans for 24 hours also allows the beans to quadruple their size, increasing the amount of available servings while bringing the cost per serving down to about 8 cents. Properly prepared beans are highly nutritious, tasty, and economical.

Alicante in Houston is known as the Elixer of Youth to the Chinese and has been reported to turn grey hair back to it’s natural color! Wow… what else can you say. It can also take 10-20 years of your appearance by filling in wrinkles and rejuvenating tired skin.

Use the purest most unprocessed sugar you can buy. I have used agave nectar kombucha alcohol or coconut nectar to keep my brews raw. Although it’s not what the classical recipe calls for, they both worked beautifully.

Whatever variety or brand of tea that you settle on, some tea is perhaps better than no tea at all. Immune boosters that enhance the body’s natural systems can only help even if you don’t have symptoms of sickness. A tea a day is a good thing so find a tea that you like and enjoy regardless of whether it is an immune booster or not.

There you have it; this is my list of must haves, and maybe now it will now be yours as well. Hopefully it won’t cause too much conflict with the family as to what they find necessary to have. I think one thing’s for certain, leaving behind the Mitsubishi LaserVue in order to fit extra snacks in the car is the best decision one can make.

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