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For many years there has been a secrecy surrounding Reiki symbols. In many Reiki therapy classes, the master would insist that the students memorize the Reiki symbols and not write them down anywhere. Perhaps the fear was that they would be misused if they fell into the wrong hands.

One of the strange consequences of all of the secrecy surrounding the Reiki symbols is that there is now much debate about which is the correct original form of the four major symbols. Because people were working from memory, and memory can fade over time, different renditions of the symbols have emerged.

However, it is a holistic healing therapy. That means that reiki works with the whole you. Your mind, body and spirit are all linked, so there is no point in treating one area while neglecting the others. Within us, and all around us, we are touched by the universal life force. This has been recognised for centuries in eastern cultures and you may have heard of Ki, or Prana, or Chi. These are all different descriptions of the same thing – the universal energy, or life force. reiki therapist in south west london works with this gentle, energy to facilitate balance and healing at all levels.

After visiting a Naturopathic doctor in California I realized cancer can be cured. My anti-cancer diet included cancer fighting foods such as fish, fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables and vitamin supplements in order to jump-start my body back to health. Within a few weeks, I could feel a difference in my being. I had more energy, my coloring was rosy, and I began to feel alive again.

But the same argument cannot apply to animals that can have no expectations one way or another about whether a particular treatment will work, and so, the placebo response cannot apply. Hence, where alternative or complementary remedies do work – the effect must be genuine.

If a person is worried about a future event, distant Reiki healing can be used to let go of the worry. One of the principles of Reiki, as taught by Dr. Usui, is “Don’t worry today”. So, we try to let go of anything that would cause us worry by using Reiki energy.

If you’ve always worked for someone else you may have noticed taxes being deducted from your paycheck. However, you may not have realized that you were paying only a portion of the total tax; your employer was paying the other portion. When you’re self-employed, or working for someone else on a contract basis, you still have to pay taxes, but now they’ll be higher because you’ll have to cover the employer’s portion as well as your own.

Hope, you have attained a great deal of information on reiki healing touch and reiki energy healing therapy. Reiki is a huge subject and every aspect of reiki cannot be covered in a single day. So wait for more, readers! Will be back with more interesting facts and finds on this subject, in the next article!

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