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The way to get organized is to duplicate the practices of those who are themselves successful at it. It turns out that there are several things well organized people do on a regular basis.

B) Smile, even if you have to fake it by putting a pencil sideways between your teeth so your body at least thinks it’s smiling! When you smile, you release endorphins in your brain – the feel good hormones, so get your brain to help you out! Keep the fake smile going until you feel a shift!

I happened to get lucky in the camera and video department. My dear friend is a professional photographer, while another is a professional video person. They offered their services instead of a wedding gift. It was the best gift ever. What you can do, is call your local watch msnbc live channel or community channel, and see who does video work on the side. Most people in that field do wedding side work and are familiar with working weddings.

You should not shout or yell at them. Dogs love sniffing and you can find them doing it whenever they come across any person, food or just about anything. So, when you see a dog or a group of dogs approaching, stay where you are and let the dog come near you and sniff you. Once it has sniffed, you may ease yourself because the barking dog may either become quiet or move away.

Because of this, we substituted a few meat options with pasta/vegetable options. We also opted for half hour cocktail hour. It sounds funny, but most people are hazy of time while waiting for dinner. People were able to enjoy cocktail time, fill their plates, while saving us half the amount. This showed a nice savings.

The FBI contends that Issa’s allegations that a 3rd gun was recovered at Terry’s murder scene are patently false. Their basis for such a stunning assertion? A discrepancy was discovered in the description of evidence taken to the lab from the murder scene. Issa’s staff apparently assumed that of the evidence labeled K-1, K-2, and K-3, all denoted guns. But only 2 designate guns. The other is a blood sample.

The good news is also a promise, for it is the basic for our redemption and salvation; it is a wonderful message because it will save our lives. So let receive that good news, live that promise, and understand that message to be saved.

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