Choosing The Right Personal Alarm For You

There are different types of travelers. The first is moving to a sales job. The second is that traveling to a vacation. Then another one is traveling or a couple of times a year, so called as an occasional traveler. People may have several reasons why they travel, but all they pray often for the same thing, a safe and quiet place to rest when the night comes, a nice cheap hotel. It is essential to choose the exact or you sleep like a dog on the street, drunken people hunts.

The 3-in-1 Security Guard measures 15″ in length and has a handle circumference of 4-1/2″. The handle is made of aluminum with a non-slip grip. The lamp circumference measures 6-1/2″ and is made of ABS plastic. Just like a Maglite flashlight baton, it is bigger in the light bulb end and tapers to the smaller circumferential size in the aluminum handle end. The light bulb is a halogen bulb which is several times brighter than a regular flashlight.

Be visible: Wear bright clothing, particularly if you run in the dark. Never dress in head-to-toe black before dawn or after dusk. White is always a good choice. Look for specialty running outfits that have reflective piping or patches, which will make you more visible to passing cars. Alternatively, you can purchase reflective ankle or wrist straps – or even reflective vests and hats – to add visibility to your body. There are even flashing lights that you can attach to your waist. If you live in a rural area, always wear bright orange during hunting season so you’re not mistaken for an animal.

I’ve been following the ask, don’t tell strategy for some time now with my two boys and ok, we do have the odd hiccough in the system but on the whole it works well and saves me the endless round of rote orders.

Everyone in your party should carry a personal alarm for children. They are inexpensive and can be carried in your hand, in your pocket or even clipped to your belt. Make sure that you instruct everyone what to do when they hear the alarm go off.

Always use a licensed taxi or car service. Avoid the “Town Cars” that often cruise the streets looking to solicit rides. This practice is common at airports and other public transportation terminals and is unlawful in many states and cities. Many public taxi companies have the operator’s license posted in the rear of the cab for your inspection. Look for it and compare the photo to the driver.

If your daughter is on a date and the guy tries something that she’s not happy with, a camouflaged pepper spray such as a lipstick or a pager will do the trick. These items look just like the real McCoy. He’ll never know what hit him until he’s on his knees coughing and wheezing. Then she should set off her personal alarm to attract attention, run away and call 911.

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