Choosing A Montessori School For Your Child

The frantic pace of parenting, and motherhood in particular has almost become a cliche’. We’re harried, we’re stressed out. We’re driving constantly, color coding calendars, arranging playdates with a level of diplomacy generally reserved for a State Department official. And to what end? To make our kids “better” – but does that really happen?

Pumpkin carving for grown-ups: Silver Lake Winery is a Pumpkin Carving Party for only $10 per person. The admission price includes a free pumpkin, mulled cider samples, and a fun treat. This party happens on October 10, from 12-4pm. For more info, call 509-829-6235.

Leaves of Learning, a unique homeschool enrichment center in Cincinnati, offers a variety of great hands-on crafty camps for all children every summer. This year they are offering camps focused on duct tape, hula hoops, magic, math and more. Camp fees range from $90 – $150. Leaves of Learning is located at 7131 Plainfield Rd., Cincinnati 45236. Register soon, these camps fill quickly!

KB: That was the result of having a completed record for over a year and trying to distribute that record I got antsy. People wanted to hear some new stuff even though it was not original material. Some of those songs were just beats that I always wanted to rap on like Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer, the Neil Diamond song, and Pink Floyd was always something I wanted to do. The fans got the music for free. It was kind of something we had to do–it was necessary.

If you’re grumbling about the dishes every night, they’ll learn that doing dishes is no fun. But if you’re singing softly and enjoying the soapy water (it really is like a hot tub for your hands, right?), pretty soon you’ll have little fingers reaching in to help!

My children attended Montessori School s through elementary school, and as a family we found many of the principles so valuable that we implemented them at home. This is not intended to be an overview of the entire philosophy and curriculum of a Preschool Near Me, rather things we found that were of great value to our family, and could be followed by any family.

These shy, insecure (at least of their English and of their ability to act) young men and women opened their eyes, stood up and began to have a party! Maybe I should explain that a Japanese party is a very controlled event. First there is an opening ceremony. Then the guests are told to mingle, and they dutifully do. The food is all laid out but no one touches it until the announcement is made that they may (and should). Finally they are told that the party is over, and they make their farewells and leave. This is not how they behaved at my party. There were no formalities, and there certainly was no food. We were in a small, unadorned classroom whose desks (the kind with the chairs attached) we had pushed back as far as we could to make some room. There was no music.

The Brookside Farmers’ Market is a hidden gem–unless you live in BKS, you might not know much about it. Located at the Border Star Montessori School (63rd & Wornall) has locally-grown organic, freshly picked vegetables, fruits, herbs, as well as hormone/antibiotic-free, humanely-raised meats and free-range eggs. Don’t miss the artisan breads, baked goods, and freshly prepared foods. Saturdays, 8:00-1:00. Opens April 17, 2010. Check their website for market events.

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